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New Consciousness - New Vision

We present to you an unforgettable regional tourist destination with two national parks and a gateway to a plethora of joyful and memorable sporting and intercultural experiences!

We would also like to introduce you to our Green Mission and an ongoing effort common to all tourist sites and protected areas around the world today - to turn traveling into a highly positive and fulfilling experience.

Find out a bit about our bold step to change the old paradigms and minimize harmful impacts of mass tourism on the cultural and natural resources and the quality of life of local residents. At the same time, and with your understanding and support, we can maximize many positive impacts that serve as supportive force for peace, foster pride in cultural traditions and natural heritage, and improve the sustainability of local communities.GWT2P - Mission and Vision!

From Competitors to Partners

At first glance, GWT2P main partners appear like natural competitors, but we have turned our differences into a plethora of our cultural diversities, and with time and effort, and above all love for people and nature, we have awakened the willingness to recognize the need for change, and finally, the ability to lead the change to break with the tradition of old paradigms which have caused great damage to our societies and the environment.

And every change starts with us as individuals, because a very simple and basic rule of life is that we can only contribute to positive changes in society if we first change ourselves and our old thought patterns. We can all become the leaders of positive change, but only when we make the change within ourselves that we wish to see take place in others and in society around us. Without doubt this is a time-consuming and not an easy process to go through, but at some point we have to start and work on it with determination and dedication.

GWT2P main partners, two cross-border national parks and two local communities, have recognized the importance of mutual cooperation and joint actions that will strongly contribute to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, rural revitalization and inclusive green growth of the region.

We are also becoming increasingly aware that this kind of cooperation, the first of its kind signed between two neighboring national parks and local communities, in markedly multinational and multiconfessional region will be giving out to the global community a very strong message of peace and oneness at a time when it's so badly needed.

Plitvice Lakes NP, HR - Una NP, BA
 Municipality of Plitvice Lakes, HR - Town of Bihać, BA
GWT2P is proud to be endorsed by two Presidents of the Republic of Croatia and The Ministry of Environment and Energy of the Republic of Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Cross-border Partnership and Cooperation Agreement
4.4. 2014
A Milestone Day when the idea of cooperation and ethical public work overpowered the urge for competition, personal power and gain - on April 4, 2014, the partners signed the GWT2P Partnership and Cooperation Agreement!

Regenerative - Ecological - Proactive - Cooperative - Inclusive - Civic Active - Critical - Local Democratic - Relocalized - Sustainable

Una National Park
Our Mission

We are committed to meet our responsibility to strongly contribute to rural revitalization and inclusive green growth of our local communities and the region in general.

We strive to educate and help raise awareness of the importance of civil society participation in the preservation of natural and cultural heritage and the protection of endangered plant and animal species.

We seek to enhance ecological sustainability and raise local living standards by creating meaningful partnerships between our national parks and local communities and by promoting and supporting our local entrepreneurs, their produce and product-based companies, and various services both enjoyable and healthy for you and aligned with your values. 

Our Vision 

A regenerative, sustainable, and inclusive life in lasting peace and a healthy and safe environment.

GWT2P Initiatives

  • Abadoned Military Airbase  Željava - once one of the largest underground military airbases in Europe, in the 21st century has a chance to become a significant contributor to achieving sustainability goals and inclusive green growth of our region, for the benefit of all. Learn more about the base, our visionary plans, and activities you can already enjoy in the immediate vicinity under Explore Local.
  • Ancient Pilgrimage Route Plitvice Lakes-Krasno - our initiative is to bring this ancient and almost forgotten tradition back to lifeThe old way of travelling to a holy place is today almost forgotten, but walking offers a kind of spiritual journey that is often life changing – and not just for believers. Learn more interesting historical facts and useful info under Explore Local. 
  • Hike & Bike With Neighbours - future annual recreational and entertaining event for domestic and foreign guests aims to promote environmentally conscious tourist offer along the green trails, consumption of local eco products, and raise awareness of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle in a clean and preserved environment.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia and the Una National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina welcome you to our multicultural and multi-activity destination of abundant diversity!

Our Diversities 

In many ways unique and incredibly scenic, the GWT2P regional destination enjoys abundant natural and cultural diversity. This historic region was once an important economic zone and the accepted boundary between the two empires and two cultures.

Although burdened by the great historical turbulence, this region is now awakening to a new consciousness and presenting its true values - preserved nature, caring people and a centuries-long coexistence of different religions, nations, and traditions.

Opt for eco-friendly mode of transport to reach our 2Parks and explore surrounding local communities!

The GWT2P regional destination offers lots to see, do, and experience for visitors of all ages!
The area around 2Parks is filled with attractive natural sites waiting to be explored, like lakes, waterfalls, rivers, Una and Korana canyons, streams, rich springs, caves, virgin forests (Plitvice Lakes National Park and Mount Pljesivica), plateaus and peaks with beautiful views, a pit with eternal snow (Mount Pljesivica), and much more.

Eco & Active - walking!

Although turbulent historical circumstances did not allow preservation of our cultural heritage, the remaining sights like the remnants of forts, towers, and castles, will attract your attention.

Among other sites, walking or biking around here will take you to:

  • the very old town whose name was mentioned for the first time back in 1260 in the charter of the Croatian - Hungarian king Bela IV - the historic town of Bihać has lots to offer and is waiting to be experienced;

  • and Korenica - a settlement whose name was first mentioned back in 1468. Under more humane and favorable historical circumstances, Korenica could have welcomed you today with one of the most beautiful medieval fortifications and arboretum of noble types of bushy fruit. Find out what happened to the old town of Mrsinj, once one of the three largest fortifications of the Krbava parish and the castle of one of the leading Croatian aristocratic families, the Frankopan family.

There are numerous interseting sites for you to explore! Get inspired with our Experiences, Events & Activities, take a peek at our Explore Local and start planning your tour based on your preferences, budget, and style before you leave!

Green Invitation

GWT2P destination is ideal for an eco, active, and rural vacation with an excellent terrain and an array of sports activities suitable for all ages, and all levels of physical fitness.

Explore us in an eco-friendly way: walk, jog, cycle, ride or hop on a local bus to reach our 2Parks and discover hidden wonders of our local communities!

Meet the locals and explore region's exceptional natural and multicultural heritage. Our green recreational trails will enable you to experience the beauty of our region & our people on both sides of the border.

  • Once you are here, you can enjoy self-guided tours with easy-to-follow routes as well as descriptions of various tourist attractions along the way. Cherish your freedom, choose your own pace and enjoy the beauty of two national parks and equally beautiful local communities;
  • Or you can rely on a great number of highly professional and experienced guides and multi-sport centres who will offer you unforgettable guided  tours with high standards of safety in hiking, biking, rafting, horseback riding, kayaking and more.

Self-guided or guided, longer or shorter distance tours, one sport or multi-sport, culture and its many expressive forms, or just gastronomy - the choice will be yours!

Spend some time in harmony with nature and return home rejuvenated and more complete!

Eco & Active - paddling!

Our Green Mission 

Unfortunately, we have all become increasingly aware of the fact that global, mass tourism represents the most serious threat to both the environment and cultural identities.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) outlined several negative impacts of mass tourism:

  • environmental: uncontrolled construction of new hotels, apartments, swimming pools, and other facilities on mountaintops, along coastlines, rivers, and lakes, or in remote forest areas destroys many important ecosystems;
  • economic: on average, around 50% of tourism earnings in developing countries eventually goes into the pocket of foreign multinational companies - airlines, hotels, food and beverages importers - and not to local businesses... (UNCTAD);
  • socio-cultural: serious change or loss of local identity and values.

Rapidly growing mass tourism has especially devastating consequences in developing countries where tourist industry often represents the main, or the only, source of income and employment - a circumstance that by itself provides an ideal and fertile base for corruption, and other economic and financial crimes that have detrimental effects on local and national economies.

People and Climate

Along with facing possible dire consequences of local uncontrolled and mass tourism, we also share common concern about Earth's climate and its potential dramatic effects on global environment, health, agriculture, and economy.

When we take into account that the Paris agreement (2015) is a non-binding pledge of climate actions, and the fact that little has been done to counter release of global warming gases, the latest and most dramatic report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) should not come as a  surprise.

On October 8, 2018, the IPCC, a leading body for the measurement of climate change, has issued the most extensive warning yet on keeping the rise of global temperatures under 1.5º C, stating that the world is now completely off track with no time left for debate.
Link: IPCC Report

From Linear to Circular

Our mission, and our endeavour to help raise awareness about the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection, goes hand in hand with the recently adopted EU Circular Economy Package. CEP became legally binding form July 4, 2018 for all Member States, and sets  high standards for nature protection. Currently, over a quarter of municipal waste in EU is still landfilled, and less than half of municipal waste is recycled or composted. The CEP goals include:

  • a target to reduce municipal waste landfill: maximum 10% by 2035.,
  • a target for recycling of municipal waste: 55% by 2025, 60% by 2030, and 65% by 2035.,
  • a target for recycling of packaging waste: 65% by 2025, and 70% by 2030.,
  • a target for separate collection of biodegradable waste, textiles, and hazardous waste: 100%  by 2024 and/or 2025.,
  • a target for reduction of food waste: 30% by 2025, and a 50% by 2030

Link: EU Circular Economy

The principles that define circular economy are fundamentally different from the devastating paradigm of the current linear economy that works according to the "take-make-dispose" step plan

  • In circular, waste is a resource: the main feature, all biodegradable material returns to the nature, and the non-biodegradable is reused or convert into clean, cost-efficient power sources.
  • In circular, resources are regenerative: renewable, reusable, non-toxic resources are utilized as materials and energy in an efficient way. Elimination of fossil fuels.
  • In circular, already made is preserved and extended: the products are maintained, repaired and upgraded to maximize their lifetime and secure a second life. Certain products or parts of those products that still work are reused to create new artifacts.
  • In circular, we collaborate to create joint value: we work together throughout the business and production chain, internally within organizations and with the public sector to increase transparency and create joint value.

All elected public servants must respect all contracts or other contractual relationships that are of public interest, past and current, and take responsibility to continue the careful, ethical policies of their predecessors, and pass onto their successors a public service which is improved and better in satisfying the needs of urban and rural residents than the one they inherited.

Each and everyone of us is important, first individually, and then collectively, we make a change! We have the power, we choose, we pay, and we only temporarily give decision-making power to elected public servants to work and care for the common good. Practice your power - proactively, calmly, and determinedly!

Together for people and nature - GWT2P Green Mission! Join us!

Green Trails

Our green network consists of the main GWT2P artery, that connects our 2Parks, and capillaries that lead further through our local communities.

The GWT2P regional area has an old and dense network of public footpaths, but thay are now mostly owergrown due to the lack of local agricultural and livestock activities. The revitalization process started slowly with a plan for the green network to grow and include more of the old trails.

Current Conditions

In this phase, due to the size of the region and a difficult economic situation in our communities, trails are marked with basic hiking red and white signs. In the future, and in accordance with our planned development, we aim to further expand the green network to include more of our rural communities, rural artisans and entrepreneurs, and also to additionally equip the trails with the most specialized and detailed information boards.

For important and helpful tips and phone numbers please see our Rules and Regs!

Parts under construction are marked on a map that you can also download on your devices. Generally, these sections can be easily bypassed, the trails are wide and clear, stretching from village to village where you can expect warm welcome from friendly locals who will gladly show you around and offer useful advice or assistance.

Una-korana plateau

Interesting History Facts

A substantial section of the GWT2P artery was once a part of the important 114.9 kilometers long gravel road "Kordunska cesta", basic work for which started back in 1874.

A finely preserved section of the old Kordunska road leads across the Una-korana plateau and has an interesting postal history. Together with other sections of the gravel road, the finely preserved one, that is today also a substantial section our main recreational trail, was once a part of the most important postal carriage route between Split (a coastal town in Croatia) and Vienna (capital city in Austria).

The Una-korana plateau, located half way between our 2Parks, is one the most impressive Dinaric limestone plateaus. Among other things, in the 18th and 19th century the plateau was a border area between the two empires, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman!

Up on the plateau was an important veterinary-sanitary control station and the medical headquarters between the two empires - the Raštel Complex, located at an altitude of about 430m, just above the town of Bihac, and at the foot of the magnificent mountain Lička Plješivica.

Studied by numerous scientists in the past, this mountain is now ready to end decades of isolation and neglect, with our joint support and assistance.
Learn more astonishing natural and historical facts about another one of our gems, impressive Mount Lička Plješivica - under Explore Local!  

Help Rural Thrive

Help rural communities thrive! Healthy rural communities benefit all, unfortunately we have forgotten this in the wake of mass food production and consumption of cheap, energy-dense and nutrient-poor food.

Lively and vital rural areas matter and contribute directly to the overall economic, social, and cultural health of our global communities. Nevertheless, many rural areas are facing great challenges, often isolated they have been losing population for decades and are now on the brink of extinction.

Our mission is dedicated to helping our rural communities through a shared vision that empowers people, brings us together to learn, strengthen connections, focus on new opportunities, and move to action collectively toward creating real change for a better future within our region.

Together we can expand opportunities for rural job creation and growth of rural entrepreneurship as either suppliers or consumers of various local products and services. Consumer, your, demand for authentic, local produce boosts local community of small farmers and vendors, which in turn encourage attraction and retention of skilled and professional people, especially youth, to rural areas.

Ecological agriculture and agro-tourism, agro processing, textile industry (spinning, weaving), horticulture, etc., provide ample opportunities for local employment and the survival of rural communities.



Support local economy because supporting and buying local has benefits that exceed mere convenience. When you support small, locally-owned green businesses and farmers, at home or abroad:

  • you get a better level of service;
  • you get healthy local or regionally grown fruits and vegetables at the peak of freshness;
  • you have access to fruits and vegetables that are chemical free, fresh eggs, grass-fed meats, and dairy from cows that feast on local green grass;
  • in an increasingly homogenized world, you help preservation of unique products and one-of-a-kind business that you can’t find anywhere else;
  • you help make a community a better and vital place to live, linking neighbours in a new web of socio-economic relations;
  • when you buy from small, locally-owned businesses and farmers, significantly more of that money stays in that community;
  • so you directly support community development, job creation and stimulate local healthy economic growth.

Dear visitors, together we are pioneering green travel that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of the local people in our region. We value your feedback, ideas, and travel aspirations, especially if you have tips on how they can be more sustainable.

Share your thoughts - a kindly expresssed consumer demand or request for better green practices (or lack thereof) is often the best possible motivation for emerging rural & green entrepreneurs to improve their services and products or create new ones.

We believe it's possible to achieve sustainable economic growth in rural areas, improve the quality of life, and ensure enough healthy food for present and future generations and our guests without damaging the environment or jeopardising natural resources.

Real change is difficult at the beginning, but gorgeous at the end! Even small changes can achieve extraordinary results - like small changes in our traveling habits expressed through respect for the destination we visit, including its communities, culture, and environment, as well as the habits of us as hosts expressed through the sense of pride and responsibility towards the natural and cultural heritage that we inherited from the past and must transmit to future generations. Together we can achieve a lot, if not all! Travel! Explore! Enjoy! Respect!

We hope we have awakened your interest to discover new places, beautiful nature, and diverse customs and traditions!
Now build your own personalised GWT2P itinerary and start exploring!

Eco and Active!

Welcome to GWT2P Destination!

GWT2P - Eco & Active!

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