Thermal spa Gata

Gata source of thermo-mineral water is among the most famous in Bosnia and Herzegovina known for its long healing tradition.

Source Gata

According to the scientifically proven quality and mineral ratios, water Gata is ranked 2nd in Europe!

Gata source of thermo-mineral water is located in the Northern Bosnia, 18 km northwest of the town of Bihac. Local residents were the first to verify the healing powers of the thermal waters, and later scientific research has confirmed its high quality and healing properties, namely the Water Gate is:

  • mineral water with presence of: calcium, sodium, sulfate, zinc, carbonate and chloride
  • homeothermic with tempperatute of 36 ° C 
  • neutral pH (7.1)
  • slightly radioactive due to the presence of  uranium and radon
  • enriched with more than 20 ingredients from the group of humoral vitamins (antibacterial values).

The use of Gata's medicinal water has a long history, the first written record dates back to the XIII century! 

Roman Baths

With the arrival of the Romans, the Gata source is walled and put into a function as a bath which was generally the case in all the Roman colonies. Bathing played a major part in ancient Roman culture and society of which they did not give up even during their conquest and colonization.

With the construction of baths, they exploited the healing powers of waters and treated the problems related to rheumatism and arthritis, as well as those related to the effects of excessive enjoyment of food and drink. Together with the bath, a new recreational and social center was formed in the new Roman community.

Walled Roman BarhThe Roman bath

Turkish Baths

After the Romans, another conquering nation recognized the values of Gata's thermal water. During the time of the Ottoman Empire hamams were built in almost every Ottoman city, and during their rule the use of Gata's healing water was the most intense.

A Turkish bath, hamam, mostly evolved from the Roman roots and adapted to the needs of ritual purification according to Islam by combining elements of the Roman baths with the Asian Turkish tradition of steam bathing, ritual cleansing and respect of water.

The hamam was both a bath and a social center - and not exclusive to men. Males and females were admitted at separate times, or a hamam complexes provided separate quarters for men and women. On many occasions it was a places of dancing and food, especially in the women's quarters, as well as a place of various ceremonies, such as before weddings, high-holidays, beauty treatments or celebrating newborns.

In the Islamic hamam the air is often steamy, and the process of taking a bath starts with relaxation in a heated room, after which bathers may move to an even hotter room before they wash in cold running water and finally relax in a cooling-room.

Medieval Muslim customs put a high priority on cleanliness, that is why they preferred running water (today showers) over immersion baths.

This fabulous hot steam hydro-therapy has a miraculous effect on both the physical and mental state of bathers.

Turkish Bath - Hamam

First Buildings At Gata

Small walled outdoor pool and one indoor pool were the first buildings at Gata source. Much later, in 1990, a modern building was built which till today serves as a public health facility.
Gata is widely recognized for its excellence in balneo physical and rehabilitation treatments, and supervision of qualified physicians and medical professionals.

The combination of healing water and the quality of professional therapies have proven highly successful in the treatment of:

  • rheumatism
  • neurological and neuromuscular disorders
  • diseases and injuries of extremities
  • skin diseases 
  • diseases of the digestive system
  • gynecological diseases.

Today, Gata only benefits local residents' access to quality health facility, the only one in this area with the necessary technology and professional staff.
In future, Gata plans to offer modern medical wellness programs, in addition to health services, to general public. 

Future Tourist-Rehabilitation Center Gata

The town of Bihac is ready to give support to investors in defining complex tourism products that rely on a responsible, ecological and sustainable use of natural resources, in this case, Terme Gata as a future tourist-rehabilitation center.

There are plans for:

  • construction of tourism facilities and capacities with the purpose of developing spa tourism 
  • construction of hotel facilities, swimming pools and other basic and accompanying spa, sport, and recreational activities.

Possible forms of cooperation:

  • Joint investments, concessions, public - private partnerships.

Investment of local partners:

  • land purchase, research of thermal wells, infrastructure.

Investments by foreign partners:

  • construction of hotel facilities, swimming pools and other basic and accompanying spa, sport, and recreational activities.

Estimated value of investments:

  • Approx 30 million €.

Bihac "Info service for entrepreneurship and investors" contacts:

Town of Bihac
website: Bihac Economy
e-mail: ,
tel: +387(0) 37 22 42 22
fax: +387(0) 37 22 22 20

The investments are large, but also highly profitable. This historic thermal source is now a part of the large GWT2P tourist destination led by two national parks, of which one is a world famous heritage site - Plitvice Lakes National Park with more than 1.3 million visitors per year! And we are growing!

The future Gata deserves!The Future


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