Gola Pljesivica Summit

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Reach one of the most beautiful views in Croatia!

GWT2P regional tourist destination has many attractions, one being the abandoned military air base Zeljava, deeply retracted into the "womb" of another of our natural jewels - the mountain massif Licka Pljesivica, with once very important radar site placed on the summit Gola Plješivica at 1647.61 m.

The radar site was connected with the underground part of the base with the systems of tunnels. There were two radars on the top, placed in two domes coated with a special material resistant to very harsh winters, also a meteo-radar, a heliport and a three story Alpine-type building. Just before the end of the Homeland War, occupying forces in retreat had decided to destroy the entire base. 

The three story building is still up there, heavily damaged though, and the reapired altimeter that is now used for the air space control.
Find more information about Zeljava & magnificent Mount Pljesivica under Explore Local.

Not even winter can harm the beauty, lower temperatures will just make this southern ascent more comfortable than during summer. After a slightly steeper ascent you'll be rewarded with the most beautiful bird's-eye view.

Maintained by the MC "Mrsinj", the trail leads from the center of Korenica to the summit. 
The MC members are excellent guides too, and with them you'll learn more interesting facts. :)

Arrange guidance 7-10 days before climbing on these contacts:
Mountaineering Club "Mrsinj"
Zagrebacka 13, Korenica
Tel: +385(0)91 567-4329 

Please, cherish nature, help us preserve valuable natural resources for future generations:
walk, ride a bike - help keep the air clean
- leave no trace in nature, take litter with you
don't pick rare wildflowers - many are rare and picking flowers now means there will be fewer flowers in future
don't disturb wild animals, be considerate.

Join our Green Mission! Thank you for caring!

Experience stunning Mount Pljesivica, learn about its flora and fauna, and provide support for local hikers and guides! Thank you! :) 

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